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The issue is with the serial port that doesn't work. By plugging a standard USB serial adapter (like a USB-to-RS232) in the Blue and Yellow ports the standard serial terminal appears in the system tray. To be clearer: Plugged USB -> "standard serial terminal" in system tray -> appears to be working Plugged USB -> "ESP32 serial port adapter" -> DOES NOT appear in system tray -> "serial terminal" is inaccessible I have made sure the USB-to-RS232 adapter is configured with the proper COM port (i.e. the port I connected it to), and plugged it in the USB ports. Update: As requested, I'm adding my config file. I have tried a lot of different combinations, so this is the final one. I've noticed that the /dev/ttyACM0 device name is missing in the config file, and that may explain some of the issues. Also, the baud rate is selected to 115200 (default), which is actually very high for a ESP32 serial port, but it works in my case. Update2: I have also tried another config file, without the "modems" section, and changing the config.json.hwSerial section to "serial" and without setting the hardwareSerial section at all. /etc/config.json { "tools": { "esp32dev-py": "", }, "tools_build": { "profiles": { "default": { "platform": { "live_build": { "core_build_folder": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev-py", "core_build_folder_img": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev-py/core/build", "tools_build_folder": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev-py/tools/build", "tools_build_folder_img": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev-py/tools/build", "live_build_folder": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev-py/builds", "live_build_folder_img": "/home/nodemc/esp32dev

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